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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 18, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> that's at thursday, you should get tickets, it's going to be really, really good. >> wow. [applause] >> thanks. [cheers and applause] after goig through -- >> a harrowing time. thank you for joining us. eric will be back here tomorrow at noon eastern. >> president trump and his national security team. we will give you questions about the united states next step in our nation's longest war. good evening. i am john scott. this is the the fox report. the president met with top advisers and cabinet officials friday as part of the presidents work vacation at his golf club in new jersey. the president has said he would like to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. there are concerns that it could cause a resurgence of the regions terrorist groups. kevin cork is near the golf club in berkeley heights, new jersey jersey. kevin. >> good to be with you.
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make no mistake about president trump wanting american forces out of afghanistan. just how and when that might happen is still up for debate. that was a purpose of yesterday's important pivotal meeting here. a briefing given by u.s. negotiators to the president. the president afterwards tweeted about it. he said this on social media. he talked about the conclusion of it. just completed a very good meeting on afghanistan. many on the opposite side of this 19 year war. looking to make a deal if possible. after thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, a deal, that is a big f, key negotiators can agree on a withdrawal plan. experts, as you pointed out, insist and all too quick exit would be a huge mistake especially when you consider the uncertainty of crafting a lasting deal with the taliban. >> i think the biggest risk for president trump is that he would be downsizing the number of american forces while the
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taliban has not actually done in response. we have not gone the taliban to do anything other than say that it will reduce its relationship with al qaeda. >> meanwhile, over on capitol hill, lawmakers eager to see and into the fighting. some say that is only if the u.s. can maintain a presence on the ground. lindsey graham, senator graham, senator from south carolina tweeted this. must have robust counterterrorism force with intel capability no matter what the taliban demands in order to protect the usa. look forward to having congressional hearings and reviewing, debating and voting on any proposed peace agreement with the taliban that affects america's future presence in afghanistan. under consideration right now, john, would be a major drawdown
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of american forces, as well as official commitments by the taliban to counterterrorism efforts in afghanistan. you remember the surge back in 2010, 2011. all the way down to 14,000. this new plan would reduce that number by 5-6000. sources tell fox news as the president continues to maul this plan, there are a few considerations. military, political few considerations. military, political and even international to take into consideration. he will think about that as he could surround the idea on what to do next. we will be watching very carefully. back to you. >> indeed, we will. thank you. new bloodshed to tell you about in afghanistan. officials reporting dozens of civilians may have then killed or wounded in an explosion at a wedding in kabul. hundreds of people likely were inside at the time the blast. the explosion broke more than a week of common the capital. just 10 days ago, caliban forces detonated a car bomb.
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no word on who was behind the attack. president trump taking to twitter to ramp up his feud with two members of the so-called squad. this after the israeli government efforts decided to prevent progressive representatives from entering the country over their support of the boycott israel movement. israel then offered a humanitarian trip who lives in westbank. the congresswoman refused. garrett is live in washington with the very latest. >> president trump is not the only one criticizing or questioning the congresswoman's motivation in this back-and-forth with israel. as you you mentioned, officials say after the initial trip was denied, she made a humanitarian request to visit her grandmother in the west bank. in that request, they claim she agreed not to promote any boycott against israel during the visit. once israel granted that
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request, she changed her mind and said she would not make the trip. in a statement she did not explain the reversal, but she did criticize the terms that she had allegedly agreed to just hours before. visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions meant to alienate me would break my grandmother's heart. silencing me to make me feel less and is not what she wants for me. it would kill a piece of me that always stand up against racism and injustice. israel's internal minister responded by questioning to leave sincerity. i proved it as a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis. it was just a provocative request. it bashed the state of israel. her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother. the reversal came after palestinian activists criticized her four agreeing not to promote boycotts for israel if she was allowed to visit her grandmother.
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her family in the west bank says it supports her decision not to make the trip as well. >> i did not meet rashida for a long time. her mother used to visit us. they did not allow her to come. we are with her and rejecting the decision. we consider at the right decision. >> several top democrats who have criticized the anti-israel rhetoric are now coming to her support and several republican lawmakers have also come out and said this was a mistake by israel because being blocked is what they wanted all along. >> thank you. >> another busy weekend on the 2020 campaign trail. elizabeth warren said to speak at a town hall in south carolina at this hour. here is is a live look at the usc business and education building. massachusetts senator is one of many spending their saturday down south. warren and bernie sanders making their cases to young black voters at at a convention in
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atlanta earlier today. >> being the woman with a lot of plans. i think if you want to get something done, you ought to have a plan. >> justice campaign. we'd love to have you on board. what does justice mean in real cold country terms. what it means is that we will end racism in every form in our society. >> in south carolina right now. peter. >> elizabeth warren tonight had the capacity crowd here. the folks you see behind me are several dozen that could not get in. they were the first ones that warren came to speak to a few minutes ago. she said she had some good news and bad news. the bad news is there was no more room inside. the good news is there was no more room left inside tiered the crowd that we see here does match the surge that she has
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been making in national polls. a big part of what warren has been doing, including this morning, we expect to see more of it this evening, promising very aggressive agenda. paid for by a new tax on the wealthy. >> first $50 million is free and clear. i hope some people relaxed over that. when you hit your 50,000,001st dollar, you have to pitch in to sense and $0.02 for every dollar progressive energy was also very high today for senator bernie sanders in georgia. especially when he ran through details of his plan to wipe out student loan debt. >> we are leading to cancel all student debt in this country.
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[cheering and applause] we are doing that because, in the richest country in the history of the world, your generation should not have a lowered standard of living than your parents. >> the candidate closer to the middle and the democratic pack who calls free college a bad idea is not attracting quite so many curious south carolina hands today. amy says she think she will stand out more when their fewer voices on the stage that she has qualified for. that is at the stage in the debate in september. >> first of all, i am in the top group that is making the debate. there is about 10 of us that will be there. i think it will get easier for people to make a decision when they see less people. >> there were hundreds of people lined up in the south carolina
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carolina -- about an hour and a half before she was scheduled to start speaking which is large for an event of a democrat running in the primary for the nomination. it is still very small when you compare it to a crowd like we saw in new hampshire president trump last night. >> aiken south carolina. thank you. lawyers for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein say they are not satisfied with the medical examiners come illusion that the multimillionaire died by suicide tiered the attorneys are pledging to conduct their own investigation. this says the house judiciary committee also looks into it. arizona republican andy biggs is calling for full transparency. >> a situation that is right for conspiracy theorists to go wild on. we want to find out in the judiciary committee all the procedures, all the protocols, protocols, whether they were followed, why mr. epstein was left alone. also, when you start looking at it, it just lends itself to conspiracy theories. we want to get to the bottom of
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it. >> jackie has the latest from our new york city newsroom. >> epstein's defense room wants to see surveillance video from around his cell leading up to his death if it exists after some medical experts had questions about how he broke certain bones in his neck all by himself. epstein had marks on his neck indicating he used a bedsheet to hang himself. the washington post and the new york times reported he broke multiple neck bones including the hyoid bone which can break in hangings but more commonly through strangulation. because autopsy reports are not public record in new york they may not ever know what caused the medical examiner to rule the death as suicide. that determination came five days after the autopsy was completed tiered all of this as
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the house judiciary committee looks for answers. dealing with staff shortages. in the hours before epstein's death, one guard's post was unstaffed. after midnight, 10 guards 10 guards were working overtime. one of them forced to work that shift involuntarily. investigators are looking into whether two guards assigned to epstein's wing may have fallen asleep on duty and whether self check laws may have been falsified. continuing their criminal probe into the sex trafficking operation. the daily beast reported -- drug den date rape models at epstein's apartment. the southern district of new york would not say whether they are investigating that claim. alex little said it appears more indictments could be coming soon >> a day or two after he killed himself, fbi agents down in st. john or the virgin islands executing search warrants on his place down there. going after something or someone. that will continue. you will not do that unless you think you are building a case.
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>> criminal investigations leaked five separate probes. including by the doj, fbi and congress. john. >> thanks, jackie. >> prosecutor seeking a new indictment against harvey weinstein. attorneys have presented their case to a grand jury for second time. in order to include accusations from an actor thing the hollywood mogul raped her in 1993. the trial is set to begin next month on rape and sex abuse charges. it's possible a new indictment could cause a delay. protest turning chaotic in hong kong with dueling rallies taking place in that city. pro-democracy activists staged large-scale demonstrations leading to some tense standoff with ryan police. this as a rival group held its own rally in support of the chinese backed government tiered susan lee has more from hong kong.
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>> massive demonstrations across several rallies in the city of hong kong on friday. supportive of the hong kong protist. one of the government. one that turned intense. the famous hong kong skyline. turning out for their students. they turned out in the thousands according to rally organizers. we had tycoons, real estate billionaires joining those that came out in support of the hong kong government. beijing in china as well. one across the waterway here was meant to be a peaceful pro-democracy march. it soon dissolved into an all too familiar scene in hong kong. a tense standoff on a saturday. the police are ready in the right gear. hong kong police in dealing with these protesters have upped the armor and brought in the right squad. chasing protesters of the bustling as the streets of the hong kong district. also a very busy tourist area
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as. they say they have never seen anything like this in their generation. thankfully, no one was hurt. a new reality for those living in the city of hong kong. john, back to you. >> thank you. a victory for one of the trump administration immigration policies. massive lines at several u.s. airports. international travelers waiting to get into the country. what caused the custom slow down let's be honest, you only talk about your insurance when you complain about it. (garbled)'s so painful. good point! that's why esurance is making the whole experience surprisingly painless. so, you never have to talk about it. unless you're their spokesperson. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. bleech! aww! awww! ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft for the win win.
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>> all we are doing is continuing 140 year federal legal tradition to require that people that want to become legal immigrants here must be able to sustain themselves. it does not seemed like too much to us that people that want to join us permanently in america will not go on welfare in the future. >> the trump administration defending a new policy announce this week meant to ensure immigrants that come to the u.s. are self-sufficient. an appeals court ruled that the president can prevent migrants from seeking asylum at the border. there are some limits. gillian turner explains.
2:20 am
>> for now sided with president trump. will allow his new policy to go forward. it is designed to limit asylum requests from immigrants in honduras, el salvador and mexico. the supreme court yesterday afternoon blocked a nationwide injunction from a california judge that could stop trump's team from implementing their policy. that court order reads in part, the district court clearly erred by failing to consider why nationwide releases necessary to remedy plaintiffs alleged harms. based on the limited record before us, we do not believe a nationwide junction is justified. this order will pave the way for the fulfillment of the top tier priority. >> in most states, texas and new mexico, this will be a game changer.
2:21 am
it will allow us to absolutely institute an initiative now where we truly believe will help stem the flow of illegal immigration. >> the white house has been tussling with individual judges who try to fight the president's policies by imposing these nationwide injunctions. california officials say the reality is the trump administration doesn't like foreigners or immigrants. >> this weapon rises nutrition, health care and housing. they act like a ticking time bomb. >> it is remarkable what this administration is up to. california will have none of it. >> the ninth circuit will hear oral arguments october 1 on the merits of the lawsuit filed by immigrant rights groups opposing the asylum policies. they plan to make the case that the trump rule will hurt children the most. john. >> jillian turner reporting in washington. thank you. >> international line that american airports.
2:22 am
the malfunction cause major delays. both were americans returning home and tourists just getting their state sidetrips started. christina coleman's in los angeles with more on that story. christina. >> john, here in l.a. during this computer glitch, police were called in to help direct passengers. thousands of people waited in huge airport lines across the country. u.s. customs and border protection last night experienced what it called a temporary outage with its processing systems. it lasted for about two hours and affected passengers arriving into the u.s. and going through customs during that time. they used alternative procedures to clear international travelers, but the glitch still left a lot of tired and frustrated passengers waiting in very long lines at major airports. a number of cities including philadelphia, new york, chicago and san francisco.
2:23 am
>> we could not get off the plane because the control was so bad. >> seven hours. i am going inside. >> airports had already worn travelers a possible delays during the last weekend of the summer vacation season. one traveler said he did not mind yesterday's delays as long as customs could adequately screen arriving passengers. >> i want to make sure that this area is safe. i am an american born. i want to make sure each person that comes out is checked properly. i have family members out here. i don't want anything while going on. >> did not describe exact details of the computer glitch, but the agency did say there was no indication the outage was malicious in nature. >> christina coleman, thank you. >> a 40-mile stretch in san
2:24 am
diego is now complete. outdated barricades and making it harder for illegal immigrants to enter the country. fox news is getting a closer look i should say at the impact. >> as a young age and i was watching 10 people get away for every person we caught. hundreds of thousands of people getting in. you walk up and down this border now, it feels secure. >> new border barrier. 14 miles completed just last week stretching from the pacific ocean east and there is more to come. >> this infrastructure free of 150 agents every agents every 24 hours to be shifted into more remote areas. >> it does by agents time. they found a hole in the secondary fence, but ran back when they saw border patrol. unable to scale the primary fence without a ladder. they are apprehended between. >> on down by 43%. crediting the program that forces migrants to way to mexico
2:25 am
while the courts process their asylum claim. because of shelter overcrowding, mexico is buffing some migrants far from the border, other self-support discouraged and out of money. >> regional crisis. we will continue to give them a capacity building information and guidance on how they can do their job. it is a government of mexico's job to make sure that their shelters are adequate enough just like it is in our site. >> mexico supporting record number of migrants. 100,000 this year. the crackdown is unsustainable. >> sustain this border enforcement longed term. they do make real investments. >> william reporting there. thank you. time as vice president has made him the front runner for the democratic nomination. a new report finds joe biden's former boss was not as excited
2:26 am
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.. *. >> you can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama when it's convenient and dodge it with it's not. reporter: there are questions about biden's relationship with his former boss, barack obama. i'm jon scott. the "new york times" reports obama discouraged his former vice president from running, first in 2016, then earlier this year. this comes on the heels of closely been' tn kp critiqued debate performances. we have seen joe biden slip some
2:31 am
in the polls. is there a reason why? >> par part of it is familiarit. he was in the senate for 36 years. he was vice president for 8 years. he has run for president three times. people know him. jon: the "new york times" as a piece that surprised a lot of people suggesting former president obama is not solidly behind his vice president running. the "times" writes the two men spoke a half dozen times before mr. biden decide to run. you don't have to do this, joe. you really don't. if you don't have the support of your former boss, it's got to sting.
2:32 am
>> former president obama is like the naturally gifted athlete or student where everything comes easy. with joe biden it's a lot more work. it's a slog. president obama close biden as his running mate because he thought he was not going to run for president. he saw him as an elder statesman who would give advice and counsel but would not have political ambitions. it's a surprise to obama and his advisers that biden has political ambitions. jon: the gaffes that come from his mouth aren't necessarily helping him. >> poor kids are just as griet bright and tall -- are just as great and tall ernlted as white kids and wealthy kids and asian
2:33 am
kids. they came up to me when i was vice president from the parkland shooting. jon: the parkland shooting half a year after he left the vice president's office. the numbers have held fairly steady for joe biden. he's polling at 31% among democrats. it's elizabeth warren who has risen significantly since then while bernie sanders has fallen quite a bit. kamala harris is in fourth place. does that mean it's going to be a war on bind kind of race if bernie sanders has fallen off as much as he has. >> with the gaffes, that's who joe biden is.
2:34 am
i think that's part of what former president obama was afraid of. as for his rival on the democratic side, we are seeing the polls, bind is there on top around 31%. that may mean he has a ceiling. there is only so much he can climb. at the same time, he's still leading in all of these polls, and that's probably where you want to be. jon: it's probably fair to stay barack obama is the most of popular democrat in the country. but asked if voters want to build on his legacy or go in a new direction. the results surprised me. 48% want to build on the obama legacy. but 47% say it's time for a new
2:35 am
approach. >> former president obama has not been out in public. occasionally he pops up on twitter. he does not engage president trump directly even though he gets criticized by the occupant of the white house. the increasingly left wing direction of the democratic party, the squad. the new members in congress who want to push the party left. we are seeing that with elizabeth warren's popularity. and bernie sanders even further to the left. jon: barack obama was a left-leaning president. but he does not satisfy the party today? >> he was a mainstream democrat. he wasn't a revolutionary the way some of these members of congress are whether it's aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, some of the members who get a lot of the notoriety in congress. even speaker nancy pelosi who is
2:36 am
essentially the base of the democrats at this point. she is more to the left than we might think of with president trump. so he's out of the picture at this point. >> we have almost 400 million guns in this country. we have 10 million assault weapons. that's the bad news. the good news is the american people are now prepared to stand up to the nra. >> we are tired of hoping on this issue. there is change. >> i would like to see additional measures including assault weapon ban. >> gun violence is occurring every day on our sidewalks, in parks, in streets. jon: many 2020 democrats are demanding action on gun control. it remains a hot button issue
2:37 am
after the mass shootings in texas and dayton, ohio. many are promoting a buyback program targeting more dangerous weapons. reporter: more 2020 democratic candidate are calling for americans to turn over their weapons in exchange for money. reporter: do you support a federal buyback of weapons? >> it's a good point. >> people are sick of it. i got it done once before and i can get it done again. reporter: not all candidate believe it could be affective in reducing gun deaths. gun rights groups are calling it nothing short of confiscation. >> the democrat candidate want to demonize firearms and they
2:38 am
are coming up with the same policies and idea that haven't worked in the past. >> even gun control groups want to prioritize solutions. what americans are demanding now is for the u.s. senate to pass legislation to require back ground checks on gun sales and the federal red flag law. there are fears criminals will take advantage of buybacks at great cost to local police departments. the people you are most of worried about, criminals. they are not going to turn in their guns, or if they do they will turn in some old broken down gun, get some money for it, then maybe buy a new gun. reporter: the democrats are pushing for a bill that would
2:39 am
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2:44 am
around 2:00 in the morning at an address in the box and was d in the bronx and is hospitalized. a man accused of shooting 6 philadelphia officers is charged with attempted murder. reporter: this doorbell camera video shows the moment the drug raid went south as the philadelphia strike force attempted to serve a warrant on a convicted felon they say grabbed a rifle and started shooting. six officers were wound. two more were trapped upstairs with suspects they took into custody.
2:45 am
>> we are still pinned down. he's shooting upward and forward to the opposition of the police. reporter: s.w.a.t. rescued the two officers and the suspects they were holding. >> i did not think the scene would end nearly the way it did. reporter: just after midnight, police fired tear gas into the home and the suspect walked out with his hands up. a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet now facing charges including attempted murder, weapons assault and weapons and gun violations. > >> incidents like this should not keep happening in our city and country. reporter: cell phone video shows a crouched angry residents
2:46 am
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jon: a bizarre social media trend has parents giving their kids something they think can cure them. but sign tests 80s's fake science. parents are force feeding their kids chlorine. marketers use social media to market mms. it preys on well-meaning parents trying to help their kids into hurting them. >> this wins a autistic.
2:51 am
that's it. i went online to find some information. >> these mothers are going undercover to try to stop science deniers from advertising bleaching on facebook and youtube. >> their own parents are literally poisoning. reporter: a global network of parents are standing together. they infiltrate private groups and report parents who test this on their kids to authorities. but it's falling on deaf ears. they have say youtube and facebook aren't much more helpful. a lot of times i get the response, this does not go against our community standards and nothing is done about that. reporter: stopping imperfect
2:52 am
medical science is not a perfect science. instructions or making mms are in violation of facebook standards. >> children are being harmed basically by the straight ahead of misinformation. reporter: they reported over 100 parents since they started. the fda reiterated their warning about the products. saying ingesting them is the same as drinking bleach and it can have serious health consequences. jon: 20 texas cities have been hit by a ransomware attack. in a press release. texas says it will deploy
2:53 am
resources to the most of critically affected jurisdictions. stay tuned for a new episode of. "watters' world." jesse: donald trump considering buying greenland. comedian pauly shore is here to discuss. jon: it's a cool day to be a cat if you are one with a certain fur color. we'll dig our clause into that one next -- our claws into that next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted.
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while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis.
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jon: there is no crying in baseball. but should major league baseball adopt a mercy rule? boone told reporters it would be better to pull the plug on a blowout rather than flares risking injury in a game that's out of hand. the little league ends game when a tapes up double digits by the 4th inning. meanwhile, major league teams are implementing another change. extended netting to protect fans from fly balls. the push follows several frightening moments at ball parks this season. baseball fans are warned to keep alert. chicago cubs infielder fell to his knees dplieght arms of a
2:57 am
security guard after his line drive foul ball hit a young girl. the spine-chilling moment' is bringing about a call form netting. the houston astros the next in line to have protections in place at their home stadium. the astros say it will lead to a better viewing experience for fans. the pirates and los angeles dodgers have also moved to have netting installed. mlb commissioner said he'll allow ball clubs to decide whether they want to extend their next from foul pole to
2:58 am
foul pole. in new york, naught napolitano' fox news. jon: today is black cat appreciation day. not only do black cats make great petting. researchers believe their genetic makeup gives them extra protection against certain diseases. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. i will see you again for "the fox report" tomorrow. good night. [national anthem] ♪
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♪ hello. i didn't hear any music. i was like, are we on tv? what happened? >> play the mawz nick your own head. >> if there's no music playing, we don't know what to do. here we go. ♪ ♪ . >> now we know. >> this is dave, america. >> dave matthews. >> dave matthews is by far my favorite band. >> enter yo have you seen them ? >> i saw dave matthews when he played small venues and now he's become such


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